Neupeak Robotics
About us

At Neupeak, we believe in nurturing the connection between technology and nature. Our team of dedicated engineers, agronomists, and innovators works hand-in-hand to deliver robots that not only perform but also respect the delicate nature of the crops they handle.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold: First, to provide immediate solutions to labor-intensive industries like agriculture, where our Pixaberry robots are already making waves. Second, to use these foundational technologies as stepping stones towards a future where intelligent robotic assistance isn't just possible—it's a part of everyday life. So, when you think Neupeak, don't just think "robots." Think of a future where your daily grind is a bit less grinding, where manual labor isn't back-breaking, and where the only limits are those of imagination and ingenuity. Welcome to the future, we're building it one berry at a time.

Meet the team

Anshul Porwal   CEO
Anshul graduated with a bachelor’s in Engineering Physics with specialization in mechanical engineering and minor in Honors mathematics. He was one of the first 2 employees of medical startup NZ Technologies. As Lead Design Engineer at NZTech, he closely oversaw the development of TIPSO™ product line that is now used in more than 10 hospital sites across North America. Anshul was intimately involved with developing machine vision algorithms that leveraged 3D cameras and applied deep learning for accurate gesture recognition in markerless systems. These developments directly led to technology that resulted in him co-authoring 3 patents for NZTech. With in-depth experience in UAVs, drone automation, sensor design, and machine learning, he will be involved in day-to-day engineering, R&D activities of the company.
Div Gill   CTO
Div graduated from UBC with a bachelor’s in Engineering Physics with specialization in mechatronics engineering and minor in Honors mathematics. As Research Scientist at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), he worked on classified computer vision projects that dealt with the human vision system. He also started projects on aerial robotic systems, creating algorithms that would allow them to fly autonomously, do aerobatic maneuvers and dock with each other in the air. He developed both hardware and software for such systems. As Engineering Physicist at MistyWest - one of the leading engineering consultancies in Canada – he has worked alongside many innovative startups, helping them realize their visions. Through his experiences at MistyWest, he has a very clear understanding of what it takes to succeed as a startup.

Noah Campbell   Lead Mechanical Engineer
I’m the lead mechanical engineer here at Neupeak robotics. I work on the hardware, mechanical design, and fabrication of our robots. In order for our software to operate at its full potential, it is important that our hardware is solid, and that’s where I come in. I really enjoy meeting the challenge of building the future of low-cost robotics solutions and providing a physical manifestation for our AI to inhabit. At Neupeak, I’ve been able to learn a lot from working with people from different backgrounds and skillsets. It’s great to be a part of such a tight-knit and collaborative team where we are all tackling the same end goal from different directions. While working on difficult and complex problems, it is always nice to know that everyone on the team has each other’s backs.
Khalil Khaku   Mechatronics Engineer
As a Mechatronics Engineer in the robotics, and agriculture sector, my primary role centers on conducting rigorous tests and spearheading and development of innovative solutions tailored for agricultural applications. I'm responsible for designing and conducting intricate tests, evaluating the performance of robotic systems in real-world agricultural settings, and the development of PCB designs and firmware. Working in a small yet highly collaborative company, our fast-paced environment fuels our collective drive for excellence. We understand the importance of sustainable agriculture, and our mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of robotic systems in this field. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities, and we are united by our passion for technology and its potential to revolutionize agriculture.
Vaishanth Ramaraj   Software Engineer
Kimiya Bahari   Operations Manager