A New Era of Smart Agriculture

Picking as a service
We operate our robots as a service. We charge you a fixed price per pound, and then it's our job to ensure we meet it.

This way you don't have to worry about maintenance, breakdowns or operation, and can have peace of mind knowing the harvest is taken care of.
Data and analytics
One of the many benefits of using robots is the amount of data they can gather. Pixaberry will continuously scan your rows and record all its picks so that we can keep you in the loop with analytics and predictions. This allows us to keep our eye on yields before they fluctuate.
Quality consistancy
With every fruit being picked by machine, it's no wonder that consistency can improve. Our soft, gentle Anaconda gripper is capable of consistent, gentle picking to make sure your produce stays top-notch.
Predictable Pricing
With a fixed per-pound pricing scheme, there is minimal risk to automation. You only pay for the fruit we pick, and it's on us to ensure we get you a good harvest. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your new robotic workforce.
Meet Pixaberry
Anaconda Gripper
Neupeak's patent pending anaconda gripper uses a combined motion and soft fingers to ensure a gentle grasp every time
Seven axis robotic arm
Our custom seven-axis robotic arm was designed in-house specifically for pixaberry's needs. It is capable of high-speed, high-accuracy motions while remaining lightweight, and highly cost effective
Tray compatibility
Pixaberry picks directly into punnets in industry standard cardboard trays. This allows for greater compatibility with existing logistics.
Autonomous Navigation
Pixaberry is capable of AI powered autonomous lane keeping and navigation. This allows pixaberry to correct for deviations in rows, curved, and bumps without human intervention
Small form-factor
Pixaberry has a sleek, compact design, and can fit wherever a human can. This allows pixaberry to operate in any existing facility with little to no modifications or operational changes

Built to work smart not and hard
Our robots are able to navigate the challenges of real-world berry-picking, each time emerging with a novel, often unexpected, technique using our proprietary Dexter AI. What you'll see isn't programmed or hand coded behavior. It's learned, without a human in the loop. We believe it's a paradigm shift in scalable, autonomous learning in the real world.
Eagle Eyed Accuracy
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